A biopsy is a minor surgical procedure in which a small piece of tissue is removed from an area of the mouth so it can be carefully examined under a microscope.

The ultimate goal of a biopsy is to determine and to document through a histopathology report the existing pathological condition / disease.

In cases of small lesions or where no malignancy is suspected, the biopsy includes the entire affected area and is simultaneously of a therapeutic nature (excisional biopsy). In other cases, only a small portion of the affected area is removed to confirm the diagnosis (incisional biopsy). Biopsy is not a procedure that can be applied in all pathological conditions to make the diagnosis, but it is a powerful diagnostic tool in the hands of an experienced doctor, applying it in cases where he deems it appropriate.

Regarding surgery, intraoral biopsy is performed at a doctor’s medical practice, without requiring a hospital visit in most cases. Initially, local anesthesia is applied to the affected area, and after a sufficient depth of analgesia is accomplished, a scalpel resection of the tissue section is performed as planned. Then, some stitches are usually placed in order to close the wound, which are removed after about 10 days. The whole procedure (local anesthetic injection, biopsy and suturing) takes a total of 5 - 10 minutes. Postoperatively, instructions will be given that you must follow faithfully to complete the healing of the wound in the fastest and safest way.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a possibility of severe bleeding?

Bleeding that develops intraoperatively, is to be expected during the tissue incision and can be properly controlled by the application of pressure plugging, diathermy, hemostatic agents and sutures where one or more are deemed necessary. A minimal amount of blood can be detected for a short time postoperatively but this is considered completely normal. However, if you return home feeling uncomfortable, you can bite down on a piece of gauze with a bit of pressure on the wound area and contact your doctor again if needed. However, we should mention that, in general, the amount of blood lost during an intraoral biopsy is considered negligible. In special cases of patients taking antiplatelet or anticoagulant drugs, all that is needed is proper planning and the possible regulation / modification of the drugs.

When will I return to work after the biopsy?

In general, a biopsy does not rule out the possibility of returning to work even on the same day. Of course, if it is manual labor, it is best to avoid it for 1-2 days, during which time an appropriate medical certificate can be issued.

Who examines the tissue obtained from the biopsy? How long will I have to wait for the result?

The histological examination is performed by an Anatomical Pathologist, a specialized Doctor who deals exclusively with this field. Our Clinic collaborates with a renowned Histopathology Laboratory with years of experience. The tissue specimen, from the moment it is removed, requires proper processing over a period of days until it is possible to evaluate it microscopically. For this reason, except from special circumstances, the histological report requires 3-4 days, to be prepared.