Oral Surgery is an integral part of dental science that deals with the surgical pathology and surgery of diseases and conditions which fall within the anatomical boundaries of the oral cavity.

It is a recognized specialty of Dentistry in the USA but also in several European countries, including Greece under the title ‘Dentoalveolar Surgery’, since 2018.

The field of Oral Surgery is quite wide ranging, including surgical extractions of teeth (impacted or not), residual roots and intraosseous lesions.

It also includes the treatment of odontogenic or other infections of the oral cavity, as well as familiarity with the treatment of pathological entities, such as benign or cystic lesions of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth and the performance of intraoral biopsies.

The Oral Surgeon acquires training in areas such as dentoalveolar trauma and orthodontic treatment related surgery.

A particular field is the placement of osseointegrated dental implants including tissue regeneration techniques (hard and soft tissues).


Apicoectomy is a surgical method of removing the tip of a tooth root along with the accompanying lesion (usually a cyst or granuloma) in order to retain a tooth in the mouth, a procedure combined with previous endodontic treatment.

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Dental Implants

Titanium dental implants are artificial substitutes of dental roots placed in the jaw bone.

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Cystic Lesions

The cyst is a pathological cavity that develops in the jaw bones or the surrounding soft tissues, containing liquid or viscous material and its wall is lined with epithelium.

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The use of laser devices is widely documented in Oral Medicine and Oral Surgery, having unique advantageous properties.

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Bone Regeneration

The treatment of bone deficits has been the subject of many years of intensive research, with the first bibliographic references dating back to the 17th century.

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Wisdom Tooth

The 3rd molars (known as wisdom teeth) erupt up to about 18 years old, at the onset of adulthood.

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Lingual - labial frenulum

The frenulum consists of a strip of dense connective tissue located in the middle and either side of the upper and lower lip as well as on the ventral surface of the tongue.

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